In the convergence of my lifelong passions for drawing, painting, and storytelling, a new chapter in my creative journey is unfolding. With a deep-rooted love for creating narrative pieces of art, I found myself drawn to the world of film, where the canvas expanded to encompass moving images and the power of storytelling in motion.

By combining my skills in drawing, painting, and storytelling, I began using the “cinematic canvas” and I discovered the incredible potential that technology has unleashed. The accessibility of home computers and a myriad of film software tools opened up new horizons, enabling me to take on many aspects of the filmmaking process independently. From pre-production tasks such as storyboarding and concept art, to post-production editing and visual effects, I began to bring my visions to life.

However, I am keenly aware that I am an novice in this field, and filmmaking is ultimately a collaborative effort. While I may take on multiple roles, I embrace the invaluable contributions of other talented individuals who join me on this creative journey. Collaborators in sound design, music composition, and various technical aspects bring their expertise to enrich the cinematic experience. Their involvement adds depth, emotion, and an auditory dimension that elevates the storytelling to new heights.

As a “writer and director”, storytelling is at the core of my work. I invest time and effort into crafting narratives that evoke emotions, spark laughter, and ignite the imagination. Of course storyboarding and concept art are integral parts of my creative process. I carefully plan each scene, visualizing the story’s progression and ensuring a cohesive flow. Through concept art, I give form to my ideas, allowing them to take shape visually and guide me throughout the filmmaking journey.

Set design, which hasn’t up till now held such a place in my artmaking, holds a significant role in my productions now. I focus on creating immersive environments that enhance the narrative and captivate audiences. Each set becomes a character in itself, contributing to the overall experience and drawing viewers deeper into the story.

For characters I usually use puppetry, which is a fascinating aspect of my craft. I craft and manipulate puppets to add a tangible connection between the audience and the story, making the on-screen world feel more alive.

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