Animation is like an amazing realm of infinite possibilities that can take us on a wild ride, leaving reality in the dust and venturing deep into the realms of our imagination. It’s like a language that brings ideas and stories to life, all while tickling our funny bone or providing deep life messages and philosophical challenges from the minds of the creators.

Inside this crazy world of animation, we stumble upon a whole bunch of techniques. From the painstaking artistry of stop motion, where every single frame is crafted with tender love and care, to the bouncy and lively world of cell animation, where characters burst into existence through hand-drawn wizardry. And let’s not forget about the mind-blowing power of modern software, giving animators the ability to create jaw-dropping visual spectacles that make us go “whoa!”

I count my lucky stars to witness the sheer genius of countless artists who have totally nailed this craft. Their work is like a never-ending source of inspiration that constantly pushes the boundaries of what animation can do. It’s like having a front-row seat to an epic show, and boy, is it one heck of a ride!

Even though I am a novice, with this smorgasbord of options at my fingertips I often set forth on an adventure of exploration and personal discovery. I embrace different techniques and tools, mixing and matching them to create my own works. Each choice I make, whether it’s the medium, style, or software, leads me to discover some new trial of mind and skill, and most of the time I struggle to add a sprinkle of my own perspective to the mix. If only I could nail it like so many of the people who have produced the wonders we see.

But still, I try.

Even though I often work only on projects for myself, animation allows me to share my world view and spin tales that I feel I need to tell. Animation is a universal language that speaks to the heart and soul, transcending cultural and generational barriers, and through it, I believe I can forge connections that reach far and wide.

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