Category: Old Work

  • Exploring the World of Animation

    Where Visual Art Meets Filmmaking Introduction Animation, a medium that seamlessly blends visual art and storytelling, has become my passion and creative avenue over recent years. With its unique challenges and boundless possibilities, animation allows me to harness my artistic skills while venturing into fantastical realms that align with my imaginative story ideas. The Fusion…

  • Online Trolling

    Online Trolling

    Nurturing Your Creative Spirit: Thriving Amidst Online Trolling Introduction: In the digital age, sharing our artwork on the internet and social media platforms has become an integral part of our creative journey. However, this newfound accessibility comes with its own set of challenges. One of the most disheartening experiences an artist can face is encountering…

  • Traditional Artistic Techniques

    Traditional Artistic Techniques

    Let me share with you the various stages I go through with an image using ‘traditional techniques’, along with some insights into my tools and methods. 1: Initial “Thought Scribble” in my Sketchbook Every painting starts with a simple idea that I quickly sketch in my trusty sketchbook. It’s a rough outline of what I…

  • Hold the world!

    The Crocodiles will have something to say about all this.